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First of all, stop for a second, take a deep breath and realize that you’re here. You made it, into another year with your entire right mind. You’re already winning. And I know for a FACT that it wasn’t easy to embrace a new year with open arms considering the cuts and bruises that you gained in the last one. Some of these bruises came from the disappointments you faced, the delay you endured, the disasters you survived but you did it. And you’re so much stronger. So whether you strolled into 2019 with 6-inch heels or you stumbled your way in with pajamas and a bonnet- you’re here. Issa Party!


2019 is going to be an exceptional, uncommon year. I believe that!


But it hasn’t even been a full week yet and I’ve had to sort through a dump-truck full of thoughts.

Will this finally be the year that “it” happens for me? For my family?

Will I finally finish what I started years ago or will I finally start what I should have begun years ago? Will 2019 be this exceptional year that everyone is talking about?

Are my goals big enough? Am I focusing on the right thing?

How am I gonna do it all? How am I going to take care of everything I need to do and still do the things I’m dreaming of? How Sway?!

Those are just thoughts from 12:01 a.m. New Year’s morning.

Don’t even get me started on what scrolling through social media can do to you at 3 am when you haven’t done your dream board yet lol.


It was New Year’s morning turned afternoon. I laid in bed beyond needing to sleep or get rest. My duvet weighed 200 tons and the air was too thick to fill my lungs. Breathing was probably the hardest thing I had to do that day. Why?

Pressure, Anxiety, Comparison. FOMO. Insecurity. Overwhelm. Depression. Doubt.


All just – Fear;  dressed in different outfits. They are notorious party crashers, are nearly inseparable and will not leave unless you kick them out.


There was no logical reason for these feelings and it took me hours to realize what I was experiencing. So if they showed up to your New Year party too, unannounced and uninvited, it’s not too late to kick them out Martin style; “Get ta steppin!’”. They just want to destroy your confidence and diminish your will to believe. Ugh!

So as we launch into 2019,

  • Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into their thoughts of what you should be doing
  • Don’t adopt other people’s vision for your life – birth your own
  • Stay in your lane
  • Accept the grace of God for every assignment
  • Grind Align
  • What you’ve always wanted is waiting for you on the other side of fear
  • Don’t just “do”; “become”
  • If you’re feeling anxious, you’re thinking what can’t and won’t instead of what can and will
  • Meditate on what can and will happen
  • Death to comparing yourself to anyone other than yourself
  • No one can do or be you- other than you.
  • What you bring to the world is rare and valuable
  • Be present
  • You belong in every room and at every table that God calls you to
  • Don’t let past disappointments rob you of present expectations
  • Doubt your fears before you Doubt God’s promises to you
  • FOMO sucks! Throw your own parties
  • Fight to believe that everything God promised will come to pass
  • Don’t struggle alone, transparency brings breakthrough
  • Build your entire life, your hopes, your dreams on the love of God cuz His love eradicates fear
  • Get out of bed, open the windows, see a world; a year, a day created just for you to win


I hope you find a way to celebrate this gift of a new year. However, you choose to get down, make sure to invite gratitude, hope, patience, humility, joy, peace of mind and most importantly love the party.


You will need them all year.  


Go do some exceptional stuff,


<3 Felichia


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