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I got a call today from an unknown number. With there being a 50% chance it was someone calling for some money I wanted to let it go to voicemail. Shoot, I did almost push that little voicemail icon. I felt an internal nudge to answer, so I stopped what I was doing and I picked up using my “I’m in the middle of something voice”-just incase I needed to hang up quickly.  I was surprised to hear that it was Sara, a friend from my former job. She told me that she thought about me so she had to find my number (which took a great deal of trouble) and give me a call. We caught up and then she began to share with me a life experience she repeatedly dealt with and about God took her from basically ruined to completely restored and recognized nationally for her effort. At first I thought why are you telling me this? Then I realized that she wasn’t. God was speaking to me through her. He was telling me that what He did for her, He was going to do for me. Turns out, she had no intention of telling that personal story but she was led to share after she called.

What if I ignored her call? I would have missed out if I followed my tendency to send an unknown or unwanted call to voicemail.

God calls on us just the same and we send him to voicemail too. When we consider the inconvenience or esteem what’s on our agenda more important than what He asks us to do…we tell the Lord ‘I’m too busy for what you’re trying to use me for so leave a message and I’ll get back to you when I get a chance.’ Most people want to be chosen by God to impact the world. How can that happen if we ignore his promptings to serve the people we come in contact with on a daily basis? Have you asked God why you’re at your job? Why you were given the circle of friends you have or why you have those specific passions? I was introduced to an significant question to ask God that I never thought about before, “What role do you want me to play today?” (at work, with my family, for a friends etc…) I’m certain that Sara prayed that prayer this morning.

Prayer is like cellular service; it keeps you connected and in communication with God. Intimacy with God causes you to be sensitive to the spiritual needs of others. When God calls you to reach out to someone, know that He is choosing you for a distinct reason. That one visit, that one prayer, that one gift, that one call can change someone’s life and set them on course for success. God is looking for someone to call that is willing to answer.  Decide to always answer. If you’ve missed out on these opportunities, don’t worry, just check your voicemail.


Something to say:

God open my eyes for not just who to pray for but who to pray with. Show me who’s hurting or who’s battling in areas that I have won in. When you call on me to be a vessel for encouragement and help to others, I will answer. 

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